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Digging for Samples: Here are some must-sample field recordings

Essential YouTube Field Recordings You Need to Sample

In an era where originality in music production is golden, YouTube emerges as an unconventional treasure trove for producers in search of unique samples. This platform, known for its endless stream of video content, holds a secret wealth in its everyday noise and chatter from around the globe. By venturing beyond traditional sound libraries, and thinking outside the box, one can find musical gold in the most mundane of settings. Listening to the world through vlogs offers an unedited soundscape ripe for sampling, from the ambient noise of urban streets to the distinct sounds of local machinery.

Vlogs, typically consumed for their visual content, are reimagined here as audio goldmines where the background becomes the main attraction. The sound of urban hustle, the chatter in marketplaces, or even the mechanical rhythm of old machines can transform into the backbone of your next track. These sounds, often ignored, await a creative mind to elevate them from mere noise to the core of new musical creations.

Embracing this approach not only broadens our sonic palette but also challenges us to listen more intently to the world around us. As we dive into the auditory layer of visual content, we unlock a new dimension of sound sampling. The quest for the next great sample begins not in studios or sound libraries, but in the everyday life captured on YouTube, where the next hit is just a play button away. Let's tune in, listen deeply, and discover the music in the mundane.

Sample The Train Tracks 

Dive into a world where the rhythmic clatter of a train transcends its mundane origins to become the heartbeat of your next track. This captivating video captures the essence of motion and machinery, offering a rich tapestry of percussive sounds perfect for lofi hip hop, boom bap, or even the pulsating rhythms of techno. As the train rolls by, each click and clack, each rush of metal against metal, serves as a potential sample, ripe with the gritty texture and organic swing that can elevate a simple beat into a compelling musical narrative. Whether you're layering beats or crafting atmospheric backdrops, the sample possibilities within this video are a testament to the beauty of industrial rhythms, inviting producers to explore the musicality hidden in the everyday. Let the journey of this train inspire you, as you extract its percussive essence to infuse your tracks with a unique and captivating rhythm.

Sample New York City

Embark on an auditory adventure through the iconic streets of New York City, a place where the very essence of life is encapsulated in its distinctive and chaotic samples. This video serves as your personal soundscape guide, weaving through the hustle and bustle that defines the city's heartbeat. Amid the symphony of honking taxis, bustling crowds, and the distant wail of sirens, lies a hidden gem: the sound of some guy playing drums on buckets. This raw, rhythmic talent transforms ordinary objects into instruments, offering a unique sample that's perfect for adding an authentic, urban vibe to your tracks. We won't spoil the discovery by telling you where it is; dive into the video and let the sounds of the city lead you to this percussive sample treasure. Allow yourself to be inspired by the creativity that thrives in the most unexpected places, and let the streets of New York fuel your next musical creation.

Sample Chinese New Year Parades

Dive into the captivating soundscape of the NYC Chinese Lunar Parade in Chinatown, a vibrant celebration rich in cultural heritage and auditory delight. This video captures the essence of the festivities, where traditional Chinese instruments and bold brass horns blend into a unique symphony. The rhythmic beats of drums, the melodic strum of strings, and the powerful blasts of wind instruments offer a dynamic range of sounds, perfect for producers seeking authentic and distinctive samples.

Embrace the opportunity to incorporate these traditional sounds into your sample library, creating loops and tracks that bridge ancient traditions with modern flair. Sampling from the parade not only enriches your musical palette but also adds a layer of cultural depth to your productions. Let the energetic atmosphere and diverse instrumentation of the NYC Chinese Lunar Parade inspire your next project, crafting compositions that are as culturally rich as they are sonically intriguing.

Sample The Yard

Step into the electrifying atmosphere of a black fraternity probate show, where the air thrums with the energy of rhythmic stomps, claps, shouts, yelps, singing, and the palpable excitement of the crowd. This video captures the essence of these vibrant ceremonies, showcasing a rich tapestry of sounds that pulse with life and tradition. The powerful beats created by the synchronized movements of fraternity members, combined with their vocal expressions and the audience's reactions, provide a plethora of dynamic textures ripe for sampling.

Imagine harnessing these raw, energetic sounds to craft powerful beats that resonate with the spirit of unity, strength, and celebration inherent in these performances. The stomps and claps offer a percussive foundation, while the shouts and yelps add unique rhythmic elements that can punctuate tracks with intensity. Layered with the melodic lines of singing and the ambient buzz of the crowd, these sounds can transform your music, infusing it with depth, emotion, and a compelling narrative. Dive into the world of black fraternity probate shows and let the boundless creativity and heritage fuel your next musical creation.

Sample Madrid 

Immerse yourself in the vibrant spectacle of a parade in Madrid, Spain, where traditional marching bands come to life in a symphony of sights and sounds. Offering a wealth of potential samples to dig into. This video captures the essence of these festivities, featuring marching bands that weave through the streets with a blend of precision and passion. The rhythmic cadence of drums, coupled with the soaring melodies of brass instruments, creates a soundscape rich in texture and rhythm, perfect for the discerning music producer. Don't miss the opportunity to sample some marching boots to give your snare or kick some character. 

The horn sections, in particular, stand out for their robust and dynamic sounds, offering segments that are ripe for chopping up and incorporating into your own music creations. Horn samples are personally some of my favorite sounds in my sample library.  Whether you're looking to add a touch of grandeur to your tracks with powerful brass melodies or seeking rhythmic inspiration from the intricate drum patterns, this parade in Madrid provides an abundance of musical elements to explore. Let the traditional marching bands inspire you, transforming their performance into samples that carry the spirit of Spanish celebrations into your compositions.

Sample Lagos

Venture into the bustling streets of Lagos through a captivating audio journey that brings the city's vibrant pulse to life. Now turn that pulse into a dope drum sample!  This video offers a unique auditory experience, capturing the essence of Lagos with its diverse soundscape that teems with energy and rhythm. From the bustling markets to the lively conversations of passersby, every sound tells a story, painting a vivid picture of daily life in one of Africa's largest metropolises. Like NYC it offers a wide range of sounds to sample.

Among the myriad of sounds, a standout moment comes from a woman's voice saying "money" in a variety of tones and inflections. This captivating vocal sample embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of Lagos, making it an intriguing element for music producers. Imagine weaving this sample into a beat, where each intonation adds depth and texture, turning an ordinary track into a compelling narrative that echoes the streets of Lagos. This is not just a sound; it's an invitation to explore the musicality hidden in everyday life, offering producers a gateway to infuse their beats with the authentic and dynamic spirit of this bustling city. The tones of many dialects being spoken around you in the clips provide some intriguing possibilities for atmospheric samples. What moment in this video has a sample that sparked your interest?