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Quelle Chris in the lab cooking up using the Quelle Chris and Chris Keys beat pack

Quelle Chris in His Element: Crafting Beats with OkayFuture Labs' Premier Beat Pack

Inside the vibrant yet laid-back atmosphere of Quelle Chris' home studio, creativity flows as seamlessly as the vintage vinyl spinning on the turntable in the corner. Here, amidst a carefully curated collection of musical instruments and state-of-the-art equipment, Quelle Chris, a luminary of contemporary hip-hop, delves into the rich textures of the new OkayFuture Labs Beat & Sample Pack. This special edition pack, a collaboration with fellow artist and producer Chris Keys, offers a tantalizing glimpse into the artistic processes of these groundbreaking producers.

Unpacking the Sounds of the Streets

The OkayFuture Labs Beat & Sample Pack is more than just a collection of sounds; it's a gateway to the soulful and compelling narratives that have shaped '90s urban movie dramas. Featuring 7 chord progressions with accompanying MIDI files, 12 one-shot chords, and an eclectic mix of loops and effects, this pack provides a foundational palette that is profoundly expressive.

Quelle Chris, known for his intricate and often introspective musical landscapes, finds a particular resonance with a file named "nontendo" from the FX folder. When dropped into Simpler in Ableton and set to "Warp," it transforms into a fully usable keyboard instrument, adding a layer of nostalgic texture that is both unique and familiar.

Crafting a Beat: From Concept to Completion

As Quelle Chris sifts through the 51 drum one-shots and 10 drum breaks included in the pack, his methodology is both methodical and intuitively driven. Each selection is deliberate, aiming to build a rhythmic structure that supports the emotive chord progressions and melodic loops. The process is a dance of digital and analog, as sounds from the pack blend seamlessly with live instrumentations, a signature of Quelle Chris's style.

The studio, a microcosm of Quelle Chris’s vast musical influences, from Detroit to Los Angeles, reflects in every beat he crafts. His approach to production is reminiscent of his work on seminal projects like 'Ghost at the Finish Line' and 'Deathfame,' where collaboration and innovation stand at the forefront.

The Influence of Chris Keys and the Future of Hip-Hop Production

Chris Keys, whose instrumental genius has complemented Quelle Chris on numerous projects, brings a classical finesse to the urban grit of the beat pack. His ability to weave heartfelt keyboard melodies with off-kilter samples defines much of the emotional depth found in the pack. From the reserved tones of his solo projects like 'Bridges' to the bold arrangements in 'Innocent Country 2,' his style is palpable throughout the OkayFuture Labs offering.

This beat pack not only serves as a tool for music creation but as a bridge connecting the rich history of hip-hop with its boundless future. For Quelle Chris, utilizing these sounds is a continuation of his journey in pushing the boundaries of the genre, infusing his tracks with a profound narrative quality that challenges and enthralls.

A Studio Session with Quelle Chris

As the studio session progresses, the beat begins to take shape—a testament to the synergistic magic between Quelle Chris and Chris Keys, encapsulated within the OkayFuture Labs Beat & Sample Pack. What emerges is a track that is deeply rooted in the heritage of hip-hop yet boldly forward-looking, echoing the ethos of Okayplayer’s commitment to innovation in music.

Quelle Chris, a visionary artist whose career has been marked by a relentless pursuit of musical excellence, continues to redefine what it means to be a producer in today’s ever-evolving hip-hop landscape. Through his use of the OkayFuture Labs Beat & Sample Pack, he not only pays homage to the rich cultural tapestry that has influenced him but also paves the way for future generations of artists to discover their unique sound in the sprawling universe of hip-hop. 

We are honored to have launched Okayfuture Labs with Quelle Chris and Chris keys and we're looking to do a lot more amazing content with the duo in the near future!