About Page

Welcome to OkayFuture Labs, the latest venture from Okayplayer.com. As a “for the culture” marketplace, we're here to elevate the way hip-hop producers and music creators across all genres discover new sounds. Our mission? To provide you with an unparalleled selection of bespoke original samples, drum loops, sound effects, chord progressions, and virtual instruments.

At the heart of OkayFuture Labs are two OG Okayplayers: Cavalier and Hassan Spruill.

Cavalier standing in Coney Island beach wearing a Snow Beach Polo Jacket

Cavalier, a name synonymous with lyrical depth and innovation, curates our sounds. His journey through music has been marked by a relentless pursuit of artistic authenticity, as showcased in his critically acclaimed albums "Private Stock" and “Black Cottonwood.”  Cavalier's keen ear for unique sounds and his dedication to the craft of hip-hop make him the perfect guide for our auditory exploration.


Hassan Spruill, our Director of Audience Development at Areya Media (encompassing Okayplayer and OkayAfrica), brings a rich and varied background to the table. From his early days playing guitar in punk bands, to haphazardly becoming one of the original founders of the iconic House of Yes event space in Brooklyn, Hassan's journey through the realms of music and marketing is nothing short of inspiring.

With previous roles at BET, Paramount, Vox, and Thrillist, his expertise in building communities and engaging audiences has left an imprint on Black media over the last decade. Known on the Okayplayer Boards as (Edit: Hassan begged not to share his OKP boards screen name lol), Hassan's deep connection to the culture and history of Okayplayer fuels his vision for OkayFuture Labs.

Together, Cavalier and Hassan embody the spirit and passion of OkayFuture Labs. Our goal is not just to be a marketplace but a platform that elevates the culture, supports producers, and champions artists in their quest for the perfect sound. We are dedicated to quality, innovation, and the endless possibilities that music holds.